Aug. 1st, 2011


Aug. 1st, 2011 08:09 am
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We finished S2 last night (EXCELLENT, although I think I liked Peter, White Tulip, Brown Betty, and maybe Northwest Passage better than The Other Side) and I wanted to ask about this "bugs in the blood" thing - my husband has arachnophobia and was getting very nervous at every mention. Do we ever see them? Are they actually spiders? Or are there other spiders in general in S3? He feels like it's a ticking time bomb now that they've mentioned it LOL

I cannot believe it but I am shipping Olivia and Peter. I don't ship like this! I enjoy couples, but I don't find myself wanting to watch for a couple and their scenes, and I'm good whether they get together, stay together, or don't. When they kissed, and she said he belonged with her, I just melted.

And her hair! Can anyone spoil me - does Olivia get her blonde back? I miss it so much already ;) On the plus side, I have hair and coloring very similar to Olivia and have been wanting to do something very similar to Fauxlivia FOREVER but keep chickening out. Now I'm very confident and happy sticking with what I have. The red with bangs is pretty in general, but on her I definitely prefer the blonde!

I LOVE OLIVIA. She's my favorite character (so far I don't like Fauxlivia at all! But I think that's the point ;) But Walter is the best thing about the show. John Noble is incredible, I am enraptured every time he's on screen and I don't think I've ever seen my husband as impressed by an actor. He's just an absolute joy to watch. And his scenes with Leonard Nimoy! Heaven.

Walternate, you're such a cold bastard. I love it.

What's up with the coffee shortage? Did I miss something? We bought S1 and will watch it, but want to devour S3 first.

And argh! The Massive Dynamic lab geek is named Brandon? We've been calling him Tippy and I don't want to stop.


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