Oct. 4th, 2011

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They’ve Got A Secret in ten pictures.

I loved the set I did for DNAMS, so of course I hate this one. This is a rarely watched episode for me, but unlike TGIFA, making this picspam did not make me want to change that. Usually I have way too many pictures to choose from; this time I struggled to find ten compelling images. The plot may be decent (and it's certainly a pivotal episode, with Talyn's conception, and our first knowledge of Jothee and Lo'Laan) but visually I find it incredibly boring. Farscape did a lot of bottle episodes, but usually Moya is still beautiful, the lighting and shot composition are good, the characters look interesting...I don't know what was going on here.

But I've learned that people have extremely varied taste when it comes to graphics, so maybe someone will like it :-)

A note on how I do these: I load the episode into VideoStudio and scroll through it several times. Sometimes I will have specific scenes in mind before I begin, but I cap anything that catches my eye. Then I sort through the caps and try to find images that are both visually striking and which hopefully convey something meaningful about the plot or character. Often a cap I thought would be perfect turns out horrible once edited and resized, and "action" caps (such as D'Argo falling into space in this episode) are usually too blurry and/or dark to work with. Or a scene that was vital to the episode seems meaningless when reduced to a single frame.

Once I've edited all the workable caps I weed through them, placing them in "yes" and "no" folders until there are only 10 in "yes". And then I share them with you =D



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