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Mark posted this appeal on Terra Firma and I'm reposting with permission: 

Hey Fellow Scapers - wanted to give you an update on the Naught for Hire project.

The producer, Jeffrey Berman, is shopping it around to the big studios right now (these things take time). So far he has talked to two. One question the studios ask is 'what is Ben's digital footprint'? By that they mean websites, Twitter stats, Facebook stats. You can help increase those stats a couple of ways if you are on Facebook and/or Twitter and/or have a blog or web page of some kind.

#1 - if you are on Facebook, there are three places where you can make your interest/support seen. The first two places are Fan pages - "Naught for Hire" and "Naught P.I. Agency" . On both of these pages you should see a Like button that you can click to add yourself to the count of those who like Naught.  The third place to put your 'vote' is a Friend page called 'Naught Stuff'. On this page you want to click the Like button to be counted.  Disclosures: Naught for Hire on Facebook is run by Naught's producer Jeffrey Berman. Naught P.I. Agency and Naught Stuff on Facebook are run by me - Mark.

#2 - if you attach yourself to the FB pages above, you will see the news feed (posts) coming from those pages. You can share the news feed from them with your Facebook Friends by clicking the Share link underneath the item and if you are very motivated you can even add a comment to your Share to let your Friends know what you are sharing. Your' Friends will then see this item in their news feed. We are not trying to Spam people but just spread the word through our Facebook Friends about Naught for Hire.

#3 - if you Twitter you can follow the Twitter account NaughtForHire. Please feel free to retweet what you see and add a little something to it so your followers know what it is.

#4 - if you have a web site please feel free to snurch banners of wallpapers or avatars from The Agency. These are Spritelady creations and you are free to use them to show your support of Naught for Hire. If you are so inclined, please register at The Agency. You don't have to but it's another way to show your support. The studios look at this stuff nowadays.

#5 - register at the Naught for Hire official website. When you arrive at the site click on Naught's front door to get into Nick's office. Once there click on the Naught for Hire logo on the bottom right of the office page to go to the main NFH page. (This process might get updated so please mention it in this thread if you see that happen and I will update this post to reflect it.

This is basically a guerrilla marketing campaign that fans can participate to show their interest in the Naught for Hire project. A more cohesive campaign that fans can participate in is in the works and I will give you an update on that when it is ready to go.

Jeffrey and Ben are dedicated to making Naught happen and still shooting for the premiere at Comic Con 2011. Your support will help that happen.

Mark K


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