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My pitiful entry for the getMeltdown! challenge...I wanted to do more, but I've been sick, and can't.

I Should Have Known This From The Start

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I wasn't going to attempt the Love Is In The Air challenge because like many of you, I didn't understand it. But [ profile] john_scorpy (unknowingly) shamed me into it ;-) But you only get two because the third barely made sense even to me, and there isn't really anything clever or guess-y about these, because I still don't understand that aspect. Here's hoping I got the rest of it right, and if Team Module loses by 10 points, I'm sorry...

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10 Icons done for the Lend Me Your Caps icon battle on Farscape Land.


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10 Icons done for Prompt if You Will on Farscape Land.


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This was written on the fly so I'm not entirely happy with it, but hey, 10 easy points (11 with the tag :P

You took my prowler out last night.

Did not.
Did too.
Whatever. You weren’t using it.
That doesn’t matter. It’s my prowler. You ASK if you want to use my prowler.
You’re gonna let me use it if I ask?
Of course not.
This isn’t funny, Chiana! You dented the undercarriage of my prowler! And why is my harness sticky?!
Hey, I didn’t touch your harness. Crichton was messing around in there this morning. Ask him why it’s sticky.
You’re disgusting.
You’re disgusting, Aeryn. I meant that goop he’s been putting in his hair.
Why does he do that?
I don’t know, but someone needs to tell him to stop.
I'm sorry.
I’ll fix the dent.

Will you please ask next time?
You gonna say yes?
If you promise to wear the harness.


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FBI Agent Bert Macklin was the best they ever had until he was framed for a crime he didn't commit: stealing the President's rubies from a Noatian gem mine. For twenty-two cycles the fearless and forthright Macklin has worked to clear his name by searching for Joolushko Hovalis, an exotic young woman who disappeared along with the treasure. For twenty-two cycles Macklin has believed Joolushko acted alone...until he encounters her former flatmate, the enigmatic Janet Snakehole.

What is Janet's terrible secret? Who is the man known only as Grunchlk? Where has Joolushko been for twenty-two cycles and why does she want revenge? When will the brave and much maligned Bert Macklin receive justice?

Find out this week on the series finale of Bert Macklin FBI.
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Stardate 4828.7.

While investigating an unusual wormhole phenomenon, the USS Enterprise encounters the winsome and mysterious Chiana. Mr. Spock counsels caution so close to the Neutral Zone, but Captain James T. Kirk couldn't be happier. Unfortunately, before Kirk can go where many men have gone before, Ka D'Argo arrives on board. Hyper-rage and mass-tonguing ensue.
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When Scorpius strikes a deal with Texas tycoon, ladies man, and magnificent rat-bastard JR Ewing, he thinks the secret of wormhole weapons will soon be his. After all, JR always gets what he wants, always comes out on top, and rights to 10% of the oil moons in the Uncharted Territories will make Ewing Oil the most powerful independent on Earth.  John Crichton doesn't stand a chance against JR's influence and charms.  But when JR decides to play games, Scorpius becomes angry. Will this double cross be JR's last?

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