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I'm assuming this is a fairly unpopular thought...spoilers through Subject 9.  Rambly too, brain is still somewhat on the fritz and I need to do other things, but needed to get this off my chest because it's all I can think about this morning.

The more I think about it, the more I would be ok with no one remembering Peter.  

I think it would be a novel and daring thing for the show to do...or maybe I should say it would be another novel and daring thing for the show to do.

I don't want them to hit the reset button.  I  complain about shows maintaining the status quo at all costs; I shouldn't complain when one doesn't.  I can be sad for what was lost, while still enjoying what was found.

I would be upset if reality isn't "restored" to what it was for the first 3 seasons because in a way it is as though those characters are dead.  
Although if Peter was never meant to survive, AmberVerse is the restoration, is it not?  Like we tend to sympathize with Walter over Walternate, we want the BlueVerse because it's what we're shown, what we're used to, what we've connected with - but that doesn't make it objectively better, does it?

I'm torn and will probably be happy whatever route they take...but I would disagree with anyone who says the first 3 seasons "never happened" or "didn't mean anything" (statements I've seen on both TWoP and Tumblr) if everyone doesn't remember Peter.  First of all, the people of the AmberVerse don't have a Peter to remember, because he never existed.  It's not like they all developed amnesia - he never was, not here.  Not past early childhood.  

Second of all, it may not have happened for this Olivia and Walter and Astrid and Broyles...but it happened for Peter and it happened for us.  We experienced it, we remember it, it was real and it meant something.  I find it completely different from a Dallas-style "dream", and while heart-breaking, doesn't feel insulting to the fans or the characters.

I want to see this Olivia (and especially this Walter) come to terms with Peter and what he tells them while not "remembering".  I want to see those relationships grow and develop, and see how they're the same and how they differ from the Blue/RedVerse.  I want to give this Olivia and Walter the chance to become "our" Olivia and Walter, to feel for them as much as I did the others...I want to give the show a chance to do something different, to tell the story they want to tell without worrying they'll lose fans if they don't get things back the way they were as soon as possible.

That said, if they do get things back the way they were as soon as possible, I'll still love it.  I'll just wonder what might have been, in the same way I wonder what might have been if Farscape had made different choices here and there.
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