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Back and Back and Back to the Future in ten pictures.

I enjoy this episode much more during rewatches than I did the first time around.

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Throne for a Loss in ten pictures.

I thought going through these early episodes would strengthen my current John/Aeryn leanings, but instead it’s reminding me of how I kind of sort of used to ship Aeryn/D’Argo…I thought they had a lively chemistry and more intriguing story possibilities at this point in the series. I liked John better as a character and a man, but I so wanted to see Aeryn & D’Argo hook up before she fell for John. The whole "I hate you but I get you because we're both kick-ass warriors stuck on a ship of fools" thing is hot and her connecting first with a man who is more mentally, rather than physically, similar appeals to me. *hides from flames and exploding heads*

Throne For A Loss )
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Exodus From Genesis in ten pictures.

The first shot is my favorite moment of the episode. The last shot is probably everyone else's ;)

Exodus From Genesis )
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I, E.T. in ten pictures. This is my least favorite episode of the series so choosing images that spoke to me was a bit of a struggle.  I am glad it's the second episode. Over and done! Onward and upward!

The lack of Rygel should be rectified soon. My favorite moments for him in these first two episodes are when he spits in John's face and bites a hunk out of Aeryn's arm. Neither turned out particularly well when I tried to capture it with a single shot. Rygel is a man of action!  

I, E.T. )
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Premiere in ten pictures.  Why only ten?  Because I'm going to do this for every episode and 880 pictures is my personal total picspam limit.

These are more my impressions of the episode, the ten images that struck me the most, than "this time on Farscape". I hope you enjoy them.

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In honor of one of my very favorite Farscape characters.

Sikozu Svala Shanti Sugaysi Shanu )


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