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20 Farscape Icons for Round 13 of [ profile] farscape_20in20 .

There were no themes per se this month, but I chose to do an overarching one :)


Women of Farscape Icons )
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20 Chiana Icons for Round 12 of [ profile] farscape_20in20 .


Chiana Icons )
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20 A Bug’s Life Icons for Round 11 of  [ profile] farscape_20in20.

My original claim was Durka Returns but I wasn't getting anywhere, perhaps because I had it in my head that I should do the icons and my picspam for the episode at the same time.  The lovely [ profile] sayuri_x allowed me to change my claim to A Bug's Life and I was able to knock them out in a very short time.  Thank you!


A Bug’s Life Icons )
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20 Jool Icons for Round 6 of [ profile] scifichar20in20 .


Jool Icons )
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40 John Quixote Icons for Round 10 of [ profile] farscape_20in20 .


Meh. This is quite possibly my favorite episode of the series, I loved the themes (and they seemed particularly well suited to my choice), but I'm just not satisfied D: I hope you like the results more than I do...

John Quixote Icons )
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10 Icons done for the Lend Me Your Caps icon battle on Farscape Land.


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10 Icons done for Prompt if You Will on Farscape Land.


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20 Season Two Icons for Round 9 of [ profile] farscape_20in20 .


Season Two Icons )
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20 + 10 Aeryn Sun Icons for Round 5 of [ profile] scifichar20in20 .


Aeryn Sun Icons )
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20 + 15 Chiana Icons for Round 4 of [ profile] scifichar20in20 .


Chiana Icons )
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20 + 22 Losing Time Icons for Round 8 of [ profile] farscape_20in20 .


Losing Time Icons )
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20 + 14 Scratch N Sniff Icons for Round 8 of [ profile] scifieps20in20 


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20 + 10 S4 Icons for Round 4 of [ profile] farscape_20in20 .


S4 Icons )
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20 + 13 icons from Self-Inflicted Wounds created for Round 3 of [ profile] farscape_20in20 .

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I had planned to make a few more before posting this batch but RL says no, so here you go :)

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